Product Design


Timer for multiple games

During my internship at Goliath Games,I individually redesigned the Timer and Glasses from the game Goggle Eyes. The timer is currently part of the games Mirogolo, Goggle Eyes and Face Toche. The glasses are made from a flexible material and designed to fit both young children and adults ergonomically.


This project was indivually for the Company Koelstra BV. This baby mover is created to last long and be durable. Very young children can lay down in it and when they get older, you can turn the seat and they will be able to sit in it. This product is also made with as little parts as possible, using screws and bolts to make replacing parts easier.

Philips Groomer

This project for Philips took place in a week with a group of 3. This is a groomer for inexperienced young men. This product fit's they style and they can use the phone application to see how a beard or mustache would like on them. This product won the Philips Week Challenge, in which 14 groups made a product to presentate to the Philips Dragons.


This project is for Studio Van Den. The goal was to choose a sketch made bij the owner, Jesse Nelson van den Broek, and model it to make it fit their product line and to make a realistic 3D Model in Solidworks. For this project, Keyshot was also used to make the renderings.

Princess Fryer

This was a assignment for Princess: a fryer which doesn't use fat. It had to be an improvement of the Fat Free Fryer. It had to fit in the product range of Princess.

Unique S-shape
The unique S-shape was a result of one of my tests while making this product. By using a S-shape in the basket, the snacks will not break when falling in the rotating basket. They will gently roll over the S shape. The S-shape also makes it possible two make two seperate things, like snacks and fries at the same time.

Phone Case

The assignment is from HEMA Design Competition 2013. The theme was "Organize".
This casing doesn't only protect your phone, it can also be used for your cards. It fits two normaal cards, multiple business cards, money, photos!

This way, you always have your most important things with you and you don't have to drag a purse or bag with you. The telephone case is perfect for trips with the bike, letting your dog out, grocery shopping, taking a walk and many more activities!

The model is made in Solidworks and the prototype is 3D Printed by Shapeways.

Serious Game: Adapt or Die

In a group of 5 product designers, we worked on this Serious Game in which the gameplayer learns more about Biomimicry.

The game start in the middle and you have to get outside as fast as possible, because the vulcano will erupt. You can only get to the outside by using and learning about Biomimicry.

Parfume Bottle Salsa Dance

A dancer wants to feel good, look good.. and smell good. This scent is perfect for a dancer because it makes you feel alive and makes you feel the dance better. This perfume is available for both women and men.

Animal bury Box

Say goodbye to your animal in a natural manner. It is always hard to say goodbye to your pet animal, this product will make it easier to say goodbye and it is also good for nature. The material Paperfoam is biodegradable.


A few sketches made during my education.

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