Product Design



Flevobike is a company that makes recumbants and velomobiles. They also make prototypes for other company's.

During my graduate internship, I am working on a new velomobile which has 4 wheels instead of the usual 3 wheels. Because of this, a lot make space is available for luggage. It is my task to do research on the luggage compartment and to find out what the customer wants to take with them. Also, I am making concepts for the compartment. The end result will be a fully furnished compartment and a prototype.

From 02/2015 to Present

Location: De Morinel 55, 8251 HT Dronten


Tricas is a design bureau in Zwolle, working for many different clients.

During my internship, I was part of the team and worked on many different projects. I got to sketch for different clients, I have given brainstorms, presentations and I made professional product photo's.

From 09/2014 to 02/2015

Location: Popovstraat 48, 8013 RK Zwolle

Goliath Games

Goliath Games is a game company which sales games like Triominos, Rummikub and many other games. They are located in the Netherlands, but sell their games internationally and have multiple offices around the world.

During my internships, I worked individually on the redesign of one or their products. Also, I have worked on many games which will be on the market this year and next year.

From 02/2014 to 09/2014

Location: Vijzelpad 80, 8051 KR Hattem

Work in progress

Graduate internship at Flevobike
New 4 wheel Velomobile - Luggage compartment

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