Product Design

After my 4 year education, I have my Bachelor in Industrial Product Design and I will be able to assist you in your design process.

3D Printing

Do you want to make a prototype of your design or to 3d print something My 3D Printers are available for prints in many different colours.

Contact me

On this website you will find information about me and my work, you can also find my info if you would like to contact me.

Product Design


Baby Mover

Do you want to move your child, but don't you want to buy a new mover every few years? This project is designed for durability and simplicity, you can use it for many years!

Philips Groomer

Young men don't always choose for a groomer, instead they use razors. This project is a solution for this inexperienced group. This projects also has an app to use for the best style on their face.

Princess Airfryer

This fryer works without oil, so you can eat healthier. The fries do taste good and your snacks won't break.

HEMA Phone case

Every year, HEMA organizes a design challenge. This Phone Case is made for people who don't take their wallet everywhere, but still need their cards or money with them.

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