3D Printing

3D printing is a process of making three dimensional solid objects from a digital file.

3D Printed objects

3D Printing

Get your object 3D Printed

I currently offer my 3D Printing service to everybody who needs small prints, like keychains, prototypes and other objects.
On the right side, you will find specifications about my 3D Printers and what colours you can chose. Also, you will find a price for cm3 for the items.
If you wish to know how many cm3 your file is, you can contact me and I will make a calculation.

How things are made

A 3D Printer makes object layer by layer, from bottom to top. This is done with a smelted plastic. This means the object you want to print cannot be printed in the air. This means every layer has to "fall" on the layer below. If not, the object will probably collaps.
There is an option to use support materiaal, this is extra material that you remove after it's printed. This is possible, but will cost extra because it is extra material and also to remove this support. This can be done by a hobby knife and a Dremel.
Sometimes, support is not needed because the object doesn't have to much overhang or can be printed with a bridge. If you're not sure if your item can be printed or if you need advise, please contact me.


- Prusa Mendel I2
- Prusa I3 Dual Extruder

Max. measurements:
Prusa I2: lxbxh: 18cm x 18cm x 9cm

Prusa I3: lxbxh: 18cm x 15cm x 15cm
Layer height: 0.04mm - 0.4mm

Medium quality
Starting costs: 5 euro

€ 0,25 per cm3
white, black, transparant, orange, light green, light blue, dark green, red, pink, dark blue, purple, dark grey, grass green, wood color brown, red-purple, royal blue, dark yellow, light yellow, golden yellow, transparant, yellow, violet, light grey, khaki, skin colour, marine blue, caramel

€ 0,30 per cm3
glow in the dark blue
glow in the dark white ->green

€ 0,75 per cm3

€ 0,55 per cm3

If you want a calculation for your product, please contact me and send the .stl format file with it, or upload it on 3D Hubs.


My 3D Printers are on 3D Hubs.